The team

Dr Matthew Masoli

Respiratory Consultant

Dr Masoli is a respiratory consultant at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust. He has a particular interest in patients with severe and difficult to control asthma and leads the Plymouth severe asthma service which supports specialist asthma services for the South West Peninsula. His team specialises in the multidisciplinary systematic evaluation of patients with difficult-to-control asthma and are actively involved in a number of clinical trials in severe asthma.

Dr Rupert Jones

Associate Professor of Research

Clinical Trials and Health Research - Translational and Stratified Medicine (Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry)

Professor Michael Hyland

School of Psychology

Michael Hyland is Professor of Health Psychology at Plymouth University. He has constructed several outcome and management questionnaires for asthma and COPD and has published on management and medication adherence in asthma.

Joseph Lanario

Research Fellow in Respiratory Health.

Joseph Lanario is a Research Assistant with an interest in Health Psychology, and its application in respiratory disease. He has a particular interest in patients’ perspectives of their healthcare, and how these can be taken into account in clinical practice.

Dr Yinghui Wei

Associate Professor of Statistics.

Yinghui is a statistician with research interests in statistical methods and applications for clinical trials, observational studies and evidence synthesis.

Lucy Cartwright

Research Administrator

Lucy is a Psychology graduate currently working within Clinical Trials and Population Studies at the University of Plymouth, supporting several research projects.