To accurately assess the quality of life of patients with severe asthma it is necessary to:

Ask the right questions in the right way. To achieve this we carried out two studies.

  • In the first study, we spoke to people with severe asthma using a semi-structured interview technique. Interview questions explored the impact severe asthma had on their lives1. Information from these interviews was used to make a draft questionnaire.
  • In a second study, the draft questionnaire was discussed with severe asthma patients in a series of focus group. Feedback from patients was used to modify the questionnaire including its wording, question structure, timescale and other properties2.
  • Because of this additional qualitative stage, the SAQ is optimised to the content and wording of severe asthma patients.

Assess the statistical properties of the questionnaire. A series of studies have been published on the statistical properties of the SAQ.

  • Construct validity, internal consistency, discriminant validity and test re-test reliability3.

Two larger studies collected data from six severe asthma specialist centres in the UK.

  • Support for a dividing the SAQ’s questions into three subscales (MyLife, MyMind, MyBody)4.
  • Sensitivity to Change and Minimum Clinically Importance Difference (MCID) of the SAQ5.

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